Points of Light

To the Black Hills
May 3rd, 2009

Party explores ruined city. Fight with bandits in their “hideout”. Willy looks for gems and artwork. Kira looks for secret doors. Borstal refuses to ride horse.

Spend lots of time traveling to Silverton. Hire Aaron Blackthorn. Wander in mountains forever. Go to Temple of Hope and find seekrit stairs. Fight lots of orcs (and zombies!) in room full of crates.

After the Dragon

The party spent numerous hours rolling in the dragon’s treasure and playing dress up with all the items they have collected so far.

After they finsihed celebrating the party started the trek back to Crossroads. On the way they were attacked by Hobgoblins on horses.

In Crossroads the party negotiated with Orsic, the leader of the Merchant Guild, to go into the Black Hills and find Rekkan. The pay was set at 300 gp per memeber for proof that the Bandit King is or is not associted with these events.

On the way to Silverton the pary was attacked by Dire Wolves, then the party got hungry and attack a group of peaceful Dire Boars.

The Dragon
March 7th, 2009

That was hard.

Find instructions in boss hobgoblin room telling them to kill dragon. We argue, decide to go hunt dragon and steal his treasure.

Go back to machinery room to investigate (finally!). Kill necromancer.

Fight lots of kobolds. Kill stupid 300+hp dragon. Yay!

Stupid Elevator
January 24th, 2009

Climb up elevator shaft. Fight undead. Find room with machinery, but decide not to investigate (what kind of adventurers are we?). Fight big undead. Find lots of traps. Sleep on stairs (because we’re stupid adventurers).

Fight hobgoblins in lounge room. Get ambushed on stairs. Fight lots of hobgoblins. Fight boss hobgoblin. Find intel. Sleep in hobgoblin boss room.

Still in the Mine
January 17th, 2009

Still in the elevator room. Kira climbs shaft of elevator. Fight undead. Fight flying creatures. Willy falls a lot.

Back in the Mine
November, 9th, 2008

Get to mine uneventfully. Fight Kobolds. Find elevator. Fight undead. Fight bigger undead.

The Feast
October 18th, 2008

Willy throws feast. Lyra visits temple. Soreth attacked on roof of inn while watching stars. Almost all arrested.

Leave town. Rescue farmers from bandits with drakes. Stay at the farm.

The Great Mine cont cont.
October 5th, 2008

Leave room filled with rubble and continue traveling through mine. Fight undead. Meet goblins. Make deal with Acheron for goblins to open up tunnel to reach fortress.

Return to town. Negotiate with Orsik to return with better intel.

The Great Mine cont.
August, 8th, 2008

Descend into mine through secret tunnel. Fight stirges. Fight ooze in pit. Fight swarms of dire rats in room filled with rubble.

The Great Mine
July 27th, 2008

Leave goblin lair. Fight bandits on tollbridge.

Return to Crossroads and paid for services by Jayne. Given mission from Orsik to travel to mine in search of news of Bandit King.

Head out to mine. Meet Phantom Warriors in guardhouse. Told about secret tunnel through mines.


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