Points of Light

Still in the Mine

January 17th, 2009

Still in the elevator room. Kira climbs shaft of elevator. Fight undead. Fight flying creatures. Willy falls a lot.


This damned elevator. Will we never escape from it? There is something here that seems to draw us to it… Some evil force from the depths of the earth that holds our attention here. Or perhaps it is just the idiocy of my companions. Kira may enjoy showing off her climbing skills, but I would prefer to find the long way around, rather than hauling myself (and 50 pounds of armor) up these infernal ropes.

They had been in the elevator room for over a day now, fighting multiple groups of undead and climbing up and down various levels in the elevator. Willy had almost died twice, only narrowly escaping her Lady’s embrace through his own dubious ingenuity. They had agreed, after much debate, to climb the shaft in the morning, until they reached a level that could take them to the tower where the hobgoblin leaders dwelt.

Lady, protect us and guide us in our foolish endeavors.

Still in the Mine

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