Points of Light

Stupid Elevator

January 24th, 2009

Climb up elevator shaft. Fight undead. Find room with machinery, but decide not to investigate (what kind of adventurers are we?). Fight big undead. Find lots of traps. Sleep on stairs (because we’re stupid adventurers).

Fight hobgoblins in lounge room. Get ambushed on stairs. Fight lots of hobgoblins. Fight boss hobgoblin. Find intel. Sleep in hobgoblin boss room.


It was the morning of the fifth day in this accursed mine, if morning it could be called. She had just awoken for her turn on the watch, but Lyra had lost track of all time in this place.

Perhaps Borstal will know what time it is. He seems less affected by this place than the rest of us.

They were camped in the tower where they had fought the hobgoblin leader the night before. She glanced at the two Eladrin, sitting cross-legged in their meditative states. Soreth sat with the spear the leader carried across his knees, his lips moving silently as if speaking to someone in his mind. Even during their resting period, their eyes remained open.

So strange that their race does not need sleep, and can stay aware of their surroundings at all times. It is fortunate though and frees me to pray while the others still rest.

She knelt nearby, facing the door they had barricaded with her back to the wall and her sword unsheathed before her and began to pray silently.

My Queen, guide my hand this day that I might honor your wishes with my deeds. Help me to choose wisely and send to you those that you have chosen to come home to your embrace. Lend me your strength that I might seek out and destroy those that defile you by unnaturally preserving their lives.

This place is a den of those creatures and I have made it my purpose the last few days to rid this world of the undead that we have encountered. I know in my soul that there are more, further underground. I am at war with myself, my Lady. We have a mission to accomplish here and if I take time out of that mission to cleanse this place of their filth, I may alienate my companions. They seem eager to fight, but only if it accomplishes the goal we have set.

Lyra calmed her mind and her breathing and opened herself to the wisdom of her Goddess. For a long time, nothing happened, but then it seemed as though she heard a raven cry and there were words in that cry.

“You have done well, my child. You will return to this place and honor the vow you have made, but the time is not right. Fate will guide you.”

She bowed her head and opened her eyes. There was a long, black feather on the ground beside her sword. As she picked it up, it vanished, as if it had never been.

Stupid Elevator

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