Points of Light

The Dragon

March 7th, 2009

That was hard.

Find instructions in boss hobgoblin room telling them to kill dragon. We argue, decide to go hunt dragon and steal his treasure.

Go back to machinery room to investigate (finally!). Kill necromancer.

Fight lots of kobolds. Kill stupid 300+hp dragon. Yay!


_Kira sat in the chamber smugly examining her weapons after the heated battle. Relieved that none were damaged her worry faded to a deep and pleasing sense of satisfaction. The huge mound was sprawled across the middle of the room amongst the fallen stone and scattered treasures. _

I will greatly enjoy the riches from this feat,_ she thinks as she examines some of the finer jewelry and gems.

She never imagined the strength of her own powers, those never before uncovered in the silly circus acts of her youth, but it seems this dark place has awoken something inside her. _

The dragon was formiddable and perhaps had the advantage when he surprised most everyone into a stupor. Luckily, it wasn’t everyone. The stargazer and I did well to hold off the dragons’ guardians, though certainly it was the powers within us that tipped the balance in our favor. I have always been able to find the more tender places to land a dagger, but the surge that ran through me and the savage blow to the tender tissue under its leg brought the dragon to its knees. Such power may change me forever.

_Kira considers as they gather their newfound belongings, that now they’re free to leave this maze behind, but to what end? Will Kira still be so useful, without the sneaky kobolds ducking in and out of hidden passages, back in the open air with no bottomless chasms to climb or traps to discover? What nature have these people, really, and where will this lead? _

Heh, the stargazer cares for nothing but his stars. He would leave the world behind for them if he could. The spell master? He is probably the lonliest and would wish to keep company. But the Paladin, I think she can only be counted on to remain with her god, as long as our paths coincide she can be counted on to the death. The healer has proven to be the most loyal to us all and seems willing to throw himself in the path of rampaging kolbolds to see his duty done.

Perhaps we will be lucky and not encounter more of the cowardly kobold archers on our way out of this hole. Then we could discuss future arrangements.

I think I would not mind remaining intact. The group has been entirely successful, and their weaknesses have only served to strengthen my own abilities. Though I may need to adapt myself in the near future to remain a useful asset, as the parlor tricks of my youth have reached their limits. Now dealing death is the art which I must master.

The Dragon

Lyra sat crosslegged near the small fire they had built off to the side of the large chamber that was until recently a dragon’s lair. The corpse of the dragon lay nearby, it’s deep purple, almost black scales glinted, reflecting the light of the flames. It’s neck and head lay at an unnatural angle, but it’s dead eye seemed to still glare at them. She suppressed a shudder and turned back to gazing into the fire.

The rest of her companions had spent hours arguing over how to divide up the treasure and Lyra was tired of listening to the wizard and the rogue squabble. For now, it had been agreed that to each would go what was most useful, which was a reasonable compromise. In the morning, Willy would try transferring the magical properties of the great spear they had found from the hobgoblin leader to her bastard sword.

Lyra thought back on the events that had occurred that day. After leaving the hobgoblins’ tower, they had returned to the room filled with machinery and found a human mage. A necromancer.

His powers were weak, compared to the wrath of my Queen. We were victorious and have sent him to his final judgment.

Then they had fought numerous packs of Kobolds on the way to the dragon’s lair.

Some of them were stronger than the Kobolds we have seen before. But even their tricks could not hold us back. Our group is becoming a powerful team.

And finally, the dragon.

It was not what I expected. It was powerful, and almost escaped, if not for the guidance of Moradin and my Lady. The Dwarf’s God had certainly guided his hand when he made that final blow, which slowed the dragon’s escape. And my Lady guided mine, when I felled the creature from the air.

Yes… Today was a day to celebrate… But not until they escaped from this forsaken place.

The Dragon

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