Points of Light

The Feast

October 18th, 2008

Willy throws feast. Lyra visits temple. Soreth attacked on roof of inn while watching stars. Almost all arrested.

Leave town. Rescue farmers from bandits with drakes. Stay at the farm.



Lyra tucked her hair back behind her ears and sighed – it was getting long again.

I’ll have to trim it again soon… Maybe when we get back to town…

The farmers had gratefully given them the barn to camp in that night, and it was nice to have a hot meal and be out of the wind for at least one more night before heading back out on the road. The slavers had put up a good fight and Lyra was tired and sore and looking forward to the pallet in the loft. Kira the acrobat and Willy the wizard were chatting animatedly with the kids, trying to wipe away their fears after the attack.

We did a good thing today. Fate let us arrive here in time to help these people… My Queen intended for us to save them and send those slavers to her kingdom for judgment. I hope that in the days to come, she will continue to guide our footsteps as we enter the next stage of this journey.

The Feast

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