Points of Light

The Great Mine cont cont.

October 5th, 2008

Leave room filled with rubble and continue traveling through mine. Fight undead. Meet goblins. Make deal with Acheron for goblins to open up tunnel to reach fortress.

Return to town. Negotiate with Orsik to return with better intel.



Lyra scrubbed her short-cropped hair dry and put on the robe the inn provided while her clothes were being washed, and then sat down at the small writing desk in her room. She luxuriated in the feeling of being clean after so long on the road.

I feel as though it has been years now since I left the Abbey, and yet it has only been a few months. Not that my task chafes, but sometimes I envy my brothers and sisters who were given tasks that involve less traveling.

She grinned at the train of thought and then shook her head.

As if I could handle life in one place for that long… My task may be arduous and baths are few and far between, but seeking out the enemies of my Queen feels more productive than living in a cloister until someone needs last rites.

She unrolled the parchment the innkeeper had handed her when they returned, flattened it onto the desk and began to read the correspondence from Father Syran. There had been trouble near home – many unusual disappearances over the last few months, and then more recently undead had begun attacking nearby farms and carrying off children.

That’s unusual. The undead don’t take prisoners. Someone powerful must be controlling them.

Father Syran suspected that a cult of Orcus was responsible and had sent a few of her brothers out to investigate. She quickly wrote a response, attached to the letter she had written that night in the mines, including her thoughts on the matter and the details of the last week. She rolled the letter into a parchment tube and sealed it with a stamp of a stylized raven clutching a human skull in its talons. She would send the letter out in the morning when she went to visit the priest.

She dressed quickly and then walked downstairs where she could hear laughter and music.

The sounds of life… Perhaps Kyra will dance tonight and Willy will drink too much and insult Borstal’s beard.

She grinned and walked into the common room.

The Great Mine cont cont.

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