Soreth Wintersky

Male Eladrin Star Pact Warlock


Soreth Wintersky ... Level 6 Warlock
Medium Fey Humanoid
Initiative +4 … Senses Insight +8, Perception +10; Low-Light Vision
HP 54; Bloodied 27
AC 18; Fort 17, Ref 17, Will 19
Saving Throws +5 vs Charm
Speed 6
Action Points 1
Class Features Eldritch Pact (Star Pact), Prime Shot, Shadow Walk, Warlock’s Curse
At-Will Powers Dire Radiance, Eldritch Blast
Encounter Powers Dreadful Word, Fey Step, Frigid Darkness
Utility Powers Dark Ones’ Own Luck, Ethereal Stride
Daily Powers Dread Star, Hunger of Hadar
Alignment Unaligned . Languages Common, Elven
Skills Arcana, Dungeoneering, History, Insight, Perception
Feats Arcane Familiar, Improved Fate of the Void, Reaper’s Touch, Student of Caiphon
Str 10 (+3) . Dex 12 (+4) . Wis 10 (+3)
Con 17 (+6) . Int 14 (+5) . Cha 17 (+6)
Equipment Longsword, Dagger, Adventurer’s Kit (w/ silk rope), Fine Clothing; +1 Vicious Rod, +1 Leather Armor, +1 Mantle (as Amulet) of Protection; Everlight Crystal (as Everburning Torch); Starlight Wisp (as Bat) Familiar


A young Eladrin male stands before you. He is tall and long-limbed, even for one of his people, with pale skin, narrow angular features, and very long ivory-white hair. His eyes are an opalescent midnight blue-on-blue, the color of a deep evening sky.

He wears a set of close-fitting, flexible leather armor, and over it, a dark cloak and set of open-fronted robes dyed in shades of blue, trimmed in silver, gold and white. His armor and clothing are decorated with a variety of semiprecious stones, and astrological and mystical symbols. Along with his satchel and pouches of supplies and arcane components, he wears a sword-belt; sheathed in its silver-trimmed leather scabbards are an elegantly forged longsword and dagger.

Soreth carries himself confidently, long-fingered hands absently toying with one of his various astrological devices or prediction tools. When not handling an object or wielding a weapon, they occasionally, almost involuntarily flex and crook into arcane gestures. Unless he is gazing at the stars or at a book or chart, he constantly glances this way and that, as if thoughtfully seeking something that seems to be missing. At times his gaze lingers too long and too intently upon something or someone, which can be a little unsettling for a living subject.

. . .

“The stars are Ancient creatures; Old and terrible as the gods themselves, they have burrowed deep into the flesh of reality. They have woven themselves into every plane, and stare unblinking at the writhing of mortals. For those foolish enough to listen, their song can bring great power, but their terrible truths are not meant for men, and that which is learned cannot be forgotten, no matter how they might wish it.” — Author Unknown

Hailing from a family line of arcanists and mages, Soreth turned his mind to the study of history and astrology along with his arcane education. In doing so he became more and more interested in the patterns he saw throughout past events, mirrored at times by the patterns of the stars and other celestial bodies above, and the dire predictions that accompanied them. Over time, his studies turned from interest to obsession, ultimately leading him to unsettling theories:

...That the very cosmos was almost an entity unto itself, perhaps sentient, but in a way incomprehensible to mortals… That there were entities that dwelt between and beyond the stars—some friendly, some hostile, but mostly, inchoate and unconcerned with lesser beings as much as one might pay attention to an ant on a hill on the other side of the world… That the stars, and other celestial bodies were themselves aware and powerful in some way… and other, stranger ideas besides…

In discovering these ideas, Soreth learned to channel the forces gathered not only by these entities, but by the very ideas of their existence, and of the forces of fate and causality. Offering himself as a conduit for this power, he has made a pact to channel these dire energies, but at what cost he is not yet sure. Perhaps he must act as an agent of fate itself, or find, create, or destroy something important. Perhaps it is as complex as observing the flow of events around him, keeping a journal and recording every one of his dreams, and finding the perfect time for when the stars are right, to make use of that knowledge. Perhaps it is as simple as breaking a random small object, or hindering or helping someone only briefly, just long enough to affect everything else that should follow. Even he himself is unsure; the entities, powers and agencies that might be out there have yet to tell him in any direct, meaningful fashion. Perhaps they never will.

But if they do, what would they say? What would it mean? And could anyone, even he, truly endure that understanding?

. . .

Fey Step: Shadows ripple and elongate around Soreth; within them stars glimmer in the strange patterns of unknown constellations. In the blink of an eye, he disappears into this void, reappearing moments later nearby as the darkness once again retreats and the points of starlight fade with it.

Shadow Walk: Inky darkness, like the emptiness between the stars, wells up around Soreth with each step he takes, cloaking him in the very essence of night and briefly concealing him from view.

Warlock’s Curse: With a stabbing gesture, Soreth points to his target and curls his fingers into the shape of an obscure, alien constellation. As he hisses out a single harsh syllable, fate itself bends in his favor, and turns against his enemy.

Fate of the Void: As his opponent collapses to the ground, unconscious or dead, shadows and shards of light leap from the body to Soreth’s hand. A tiny star shines in his palm before he closes his hand, smiling slowly and ominously as the light flickers in his night-coloured eyes.

Eldritch Blast: Soreth thrusts out a hand, fingers bent into a cabalistic gesture toward his intended mark. Crackling lines of cold purplish light arc through the air like lightning, lashing viciously at the target.

Dire Radiance: Reaching skyward with a clutching hand, Soreth brings down his fist forcefully, shouting a harsh arcane syllable. Brilliant light streaks from the sky above, seeming to come precisely from one star or another, wreathing his victim in its radiance. Away from an open sky, the burning light seems to issue from the very air around the target itself.

Dreadful Word: Soreth gazes intently at his target, and in an unknowable language, carefully but firmly pronounces a single word meant only for his victim. The air grows heavy with its power, and his opponent cries out in horror at the understanding of its meaning.

Dread Star: Softly chanting the name of a distant, nearly unknown star, Soreth calls down its light, watching it collect into a glowing sphere that hovers over his palm. He uncurls his fingers in the direction of his opponent, and the miniature star drifts lazily, almost ominously, toward them. Arcs of light like solar flares lance outward from its surface, searing his target.

Ethereal Stride: Soreth takes a step forward and his form blurs, hidden by streaks of shadow and void as reality ripples around him. He disappears into the void, then reappears a short distance elsewhere. The darkness clings protectively to him for awhile before it fades, blowing away behind him like smoke in a gust of wind.

Frigid Darkness: Soreth whispers a string of arcane words, his voice cold and hollow. As he holds out a hand, impenetrable blackness wells up from the very air around his victim, tainting them with the chill of the Void as their flesh is numbed, then frozen solid.

Hunger of Hadar: Soreth thrusts out a shaking hand, clenched into a tight fist. As he whispers a string of harsh, hollow phrases, he uncurls his fingers. The air itself darkens, and a swath of the world is enveloped in impenetrable, silencing blackness. Those caught within soon stagger out, pale and drawn as if something of them was left behind. Some are found dead as the blackness dissipates, without a single mark on them. Others are never found at all.

. . .

Soreth Wintersky

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