Lyra Corvus


Lyra Corvus ... Level 6 Paladin
Initiative +2
Senses Insight +9, Perception +4
HP 58; Bloodied 29
AC 25; Fort 18, Ref 18, Will 18
Speed 5
Action Points 1
Class Features Channel Divinity: Divine Mettle, Divine Strength, Raven Queen’s Blessing; Divine Challenge; Lay on Hands (2/day + Cha)
At-Will Powers Holy Strike, Valiant Strike, Enfeebling Strike
Encounter Powers Fearsome Smite, Invigorating Smite
Utility Powers Sacred Circle, Wrath of the Gods
Daily Powers Radiant Delirium, Hallowed Circle
Alignment Unaligned
Languages Common, Giant
Skills Diplomacy (11), History (8), Insight (10), Intimidate (11), Religion (8)
Feats Weapon Proficiency: Bastard Sword; Channel Divinity: Raven Queen’s Blessing; Weapon Focus: Bastard Sword; Healing Hands; Weapon Expertise: Bastard Sword
Str 16 (+3) . Dex 10 (+0) . Wis 14 (+2)
Con 13 (+1) . Int 10 (+0) . Cha 17 (+3)
Equipment Vicious Bastard Sword +2, Curseforged Scale +2, Throwing Shield +1, Holy Symbol of Battle +1, Adventurer’s Kit, 1 Healing Potion
Wealth 6pp, 300gp in gems, 50gp, 12sp, 10cp . Party Treasure 44gp, 2s, 1 Healing potion


Lyra Corvus stands as tall as most men, lean and strong, with broad shoulders and well-muscled arms. She is attractive, but not in a way that most would call beautiful. Her features are just a little too strong and angular to be pretty. Her eyes are dark gray, and seem to reflect something of her grim outlook on life. Her hair is black, cropped short, almost spiky, to keep it out of her way. On one side of her throat is a stylized tattoo of a raven. Small drops of blood glisten on its talons, where they appear to pierce her skin near her collarbone.

In one hand, she clasps the hilt of a long, heavy-bladed sword. Her hands are calloused and her knuckles are scarred with small knicks and cuts from sword fights over the years. The other arm is slung through the straps of a large, heavy shield, gold-rimmed around the edges and emblazoned with a glossy black raven, perched on a skull. Her armor is clean and well-oiled, but is scratched and dented in a few places and has obviously seen its fair share of fights. She carries a worn, leather pack over one shoulder, filled with supplies for her journey. Around her neck is a silver pendant of a taloned foot, clasping a human skull.

Lyra’s countenance is grim and she believes that fate and the hand of her Goddess, the Raven Queen, plays a larger role in her life than her own will. She believes that her path in life has been predetermined and her task in this world is to discover the path the Goddess has laid out for her.

As an infant, Lyra was found on the doorstep of the small shrine adjoining the town’s graveyard. The cleric of the Raven Queen who ran the shrine, Father Syran, raised Lyra. They never heard from her parents and it was always a curiosity as to why her mother would leave her with the Goddess of Death, rather than at a more traditional orphanage. Over the years, the shrine grew into a temple, prospering more than shrines to the other deities in their town. The other acolytes saw Lyra as something of a good luck charm, one who was touched by the Goddess.

As she grew older, it became clear that she was meant for the path of the holy warrior, rather than a simple cleric. She was apprenticed to the town’s sheriff, a veteran of the last war, and through him, she learned the art of war. Under the tutelage of the cleric, she studied both the history of men and the ways of the Gods. The temple was the only place of worship to the Raven Queen for many leagues, so the cleric was called away frequently to perform rites to the dead in neighboring towns. Lyra commonly traveled with him in order to learn the ways of the outside world.

When she came of age, she left the temple and has been traveling for the last seven years. She feels that her mission is to seek out threats to the Raven Queen: cults of Orcus and those who cast off the chains of fate, the cursed undead.

Lyra Corvus

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