Borstal Steelspike

Male Dwarven Cleric of Moradin


Stout and sturdy, Borstal could be confused with any number of dwarves to an untrained – non-Dwarven – eye. His sullen demeanor and often distant gaze belie his young age of only 35 years, though his unattended beard has yet to reach its full potential.

Growing up the son of a blacksmith, it was never expected that he would be anything but what his father, his grandfather, and his more distant ancestors before them, had been – a maker and seller of metal-worked items. Hammers and axes were in plentiful supply growing up, and he became an expert in their application as both tools and weapons. A tragic accident – or the work of fate – that ended his father’s life prematurely cause his own life to take a sharp left turn.

Borstal’s father Bolger was not the only blacksmith in town, but he was the best; thus when messengers came seeking the most capable hands at fashioning tools, they were sent to Borstal’s home. The meeting was brief and quite secret, and Borstal knew only that his father agreed to do the work, not what this tool was for nor for whom it was to be made. Alas, he would never find out: as he was still watching his father ride off, a pair of trolls emerged from the forest. The horse on which Bolger was riding spooked and threw him, and the fall was not a gentle one. The trolls were eventually driven off, but neither Bolger nor the messengers survived.

Shocked and angry, Borstal found himself unable to take up his father’s business. Drowning himself in ale, involved in a tavern brawl more nights than not, Borstal seemed destined for an even earlier grave. Until he was bested by a dwarf who wielded no weapon at all.

The unassuming cleric perceived Borstal’s anger but also saw the potential being wasted away. Goading him, drawing out the fury that fueled the young dwarf, he neither struck back nor attempted to evade Borstal’s hammer blows—he simply absorbed them. At last realizing his futility, Borstal cried out, “Have you no anger at all? How can you just stand there?” The ensuing conversation made a convert of him, and he dedicated his life to Moradin.

Still possessing a wrath that at times may get the best of him, Borstal now channels his fury into righteous indignation. Though he persists in carrying two hammers, the last legacy of his father, he prefers to wield an enchanted axe and has learned the use of a light shield, which he wields with his holy symbol. An ardent walker, he has vowed never to give any mount the opportunity to throw him.

Borstal Steelspike

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